Visit Lundy

Visit Lundy

Whether you are planning a day trip or a longer time on the Island, come to us.

Either come & stay the night before your trip, or the evening of your return – or both! The boat leaves the pier at 10am, ideally you want to be down there 9.30am. Plenty of time to join the queue before boarding and not too long to be standing around. Breakfast is served here at Score Valley from 8/8.30am ( depending on time of year), ensuring you a timely arrival for your departure.

Puffins – Typically seen April – July

If you are planning to stay on the Island, you can arrange to leave your car here at just £2 a night. ( You will find that so much cheaper than the Public car parks, and safer!)

Lundy Island

In a place of wide spaces and big skies, without roads, cars or pollution, simply walking is a profound pleasure. Lundy has a milder climate than the mainland, with more sunshine and less rain.

The particular character of Lundy derives from its varied terrain; on the west side, exposed to the Atlantic, there are high and rugged cliffs, on the east, sheltered from the prevailing wind, the coastline is gentler with grassy slopes, trees and many types of wild flowers. This contrast explains the rich diversity of the island’s animal and plant life and its attraction to walkers, climbers and divers.

People return time and again to the simple pleasures that Lundy affords; the sea is clear, the landscape spectacular, and at night, without competition from street lights, it is truly dark and the stars shine with unfamiliar brilliance.


Jackie Frost

  • March 26, 2021 3:04 pm
  • Reply

Are any of your bedrooms easily accessible by people with mobility problems, either on the ground floor or by lift? We are hoping to be able to explore our country once the lockdown is eased and I could add you to our list of possible hotels.

    Donna Edmunds

    • March 26, 2021 3:15 pm
    • Reply

    Hello, Unfortunately we do not have any rooms on the ground floor and no lift. Although the stairs are “easy” as in they are wide and not steep with a good handrail. But we do have steps up to our front door also. Hope this helps. Regards Donna

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